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This website is about our Consulting Business, which is mainly focusing on Corporate business development and the need for more awareness to preserve nature with all aspects of work and at all levels.

The turning point which influenced our decision to go “GREEN”, is the global warming and the negligence of the people to watch out where they are going. If those are going there by themselves; we do not mind...

Unfortunately they are taking everyone else in that direction. I decided to practice business, changing the concept of people by using alternative resources to what they have used to use.

Instead of training drivers using cars, let’s use simulators, and so for pilots etc... We are able to view the world better with visualization systems that are eco-friendly and more professional. Let’s practice “GREEN” and experience a better life.

During the past 30 years of my career; I have been in the field of Marketing, Sales and Business Development. Few years back I specialized with Digital Marketing including Social Media. With years of Managerial experience at Multi-National and International firms; I developed good skills to drive my future career towards educating work-teams at different business industries.  view more>>

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